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Permanent Soffit Lighting Both Fun and Elegant in Toronto

LED Architectural Lighting

Architectural lighting is a popular effect and with the advancements in LED lighting, cost-effective. Permanent soffit lighting is a popular trend in Toronto. With rising electrical costs, many homeowners and businesses are converting to LED lighting to be more energy efficient. LED lights only use 2-7 watts of electricity and are rated on a "brightness” rating; lumens. They last a lot longer as a result of using a fraction of the energy. LED lights are safer as they do not heat up. Most importantly for exterior uses, LEDs do not have a filament and are not damaged under circumstances where traditional incandescent bulbs would have been battered and ineffective.


Using LED lights in permanent soffit lighting allows folks to show off the architectural design of their home or business. Restaurants whose branding involves a specific architectural design enhanced by permanent soffit lighting is an example of commercial use. Think of landmark Toronto restaurants like Keg Mansion that use soffit lighting to accentuate its stature and create a fine dining ambiance.


Hassle Free Soffit Lighting

The old trend of soffit lighting with pot lights has been replaced with the more seamless look of LED strip lighting for roofs. When the lights go out though, the strip lighting of the Movilume lighting strips are virtually invisible due to its sleek design. Pot lights gave off an inconsistency to soffit lighting and if not executed properly, could give off a poor optical illusion. But with permanent soffit lighting, no bulbs require changing out and the strip lighting gives a cleaner and more consistent design.


Fun and Games With Colourful Lighting

Serious design and lighting elements aside, you can have fun with permanent soffit lighting, especially in Toronto. When the local sports team is having a great game, show your support by flashing your team’s colours. Superbowl Sunday? Show the neighbourhood who you are cheering for and do your own touchdown dance with a stunning light show. Soffit and roof lighting is not just for Christmas any more – celebrate your favourite event by creating a dynamic and colourful display. Shine your best kelly green for St. Patrick’s Day or red and white for Canada Day.

Celebrate a new addition to your family and announce the birth of a baby boy or girl. There are endless possibilities with a Movilume LED lighting system.


Expert Installation Protects Lighting Investment

Choose a reputable installer – these lighting systems are not for the do-it-yourselfer. Contact a business who specializes in installing permanent soffit lighting in Toronto and who provides excellent warranty coverage. You have invested in your home’s exterior décor and your businesses brand awareness. Protect that by choosing the right team who understands what your needs and wants are when creating that perfect ambiance.